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                Community Investments

                ONEOK is committed to being an active member in our communities and has a dedicated Community Investments department to foster partnerships between our company, its employees and the community. Investing in the areas where we have operations and where our employees live and work is not only the right thing to do – it’s smart business. By contributing financially and through volunteer work, we can help build stronger communities and create a better environment for our employees, customers and the general public.

                You will find applications for each of our Community Investments programs listed below. Please review all carefully to choose the one that best fits the support you are requesting.

                ONEOK Foundation

                Learn about the ONEOK Foundation or apply for a capital campaign, project or program support grant.

                Corporate Contributions

                Learn about ONEOK Corporate Contributions or apply for an event sponsorship.

                Emergency Responder Grants

                Find out how we support emergency responders in our operating areas.

                Public School Grants

                Find out how we support K-12 public education in our operating areas.

                Matching Grant Program

                Review qualifications for our matching grant program.


                Request volunteers for your charitable cause or learn how our employees earn grants for volunteer service.

                United Way

                We contribute to numerous United Way organizations throughout our service areas.