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                Pipeline Safety and Public Awareness

                Pipeline Safety and Public Awareness

                Here you will find important information about ONEOK’s pipelines and what to do in the event of an emergency. This information is designed to help you better understand:

                • The purpose of pipelines;
                • How to recognize and safely respond to a pipeline release; and
                • How to help us prevent damage to pipelines and the surrounding area.

                OUR PURPOSE

                From supplying the fuel that heats your home to the fuel that powers your car, pipelines are an integral part of our daily lives. Pipelines also are the safest and most efficient way to transport these products. Typically buried underground, these unseen assets are critical to our country’s economic engine and our quality of life.   

                OUR COMMITMENT

                ONEOK is committed to operating our pipelines in a safe and environmentally responsible way. Ensuring the safety and health of our employees and the communities where we operate is a top priority that informs everything we do. 

                This commitment to safety relies, in part, on our partnership with you. Whether you work, live or play near our pipelines, are an emergency responder or local public official – we want to ensure your access to the information you need.

                CONTACT US

                If you have any questions about ONEOK and our pipeline safety programs, or would like information on our emergency response plan, please click on the “Contact ONEOK” link below or email us at pipelineawareness@oneok.com

                HELPFUL LINKS

                Call 811
                Common Ground Alliance
                National Pipeline Mapping Systems
                PHMSA Community Toolbox